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We specialise in dog walking adventures out in the open countryside.  Walks are a minimum of one hour and each route is varied.


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Our half day care session is four hours long with a one hour country walk, pick up and drop off service and plenty of social time back at base.


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A four hour social session, with a 30 minute countryside adventure and play time back at base.  A perfect confidence builder for pups.


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A home from home boarding service, with no more than two guests at one time, to ensure maximum love and attention.

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A full on doggy adventure weekend for the high energy dogs. An extra long hike of 5+ miles, further afield in the Cotswolds or Shropshire.



Our adventure wagon is professionally crated, has a fitted ventilator and is not sign written to ensure maximum protection for your pooch.


We specialise in adventurous dog walking in the Coventry and Warwickshire area.  Each walk is a minimum of  an hour and we explore well planned routes in various rural locations around Coventry.  Come rain or shine the dogs will always have fun, whether they love to play with their pals, or sniff and do their own thing, each dog comes back well exercised, tired and stimulated.

Dogs are walked in groups by Emma, with the help of the other 'hound handlers' Megan, Halima or Duncan.  Our dogs are friendly, well socialised and are free to walk off leads and explore.

If your dog likes the water, we also venture to some great spots for paddling, especially in the hotter months.

We don't do pavement or park walking, our country walks are well away from roads and other hazards.

Lots of photos are provided to owners throughout the day.

PRICE: from £16


Our half day doggy care is four hours long and consists of a minimum of one hour's country pack walk (see above).  For the rest of the time the dogs are brought back to base to enjoy social time and play with their pals. They have the run of a secure garden and lots of toys to keep them occupied.

After the four hours, dogs are tired and stimulated and will happily sleep for the rest of the day until you get back from work. Dogs are picked up and dropped off each day for your convenience.  All dogs are washed and dried before being dropped home, so no muddy paws!

Although most dogs only have half day care, we can also offer full day care should you need it.

PRICE: from £16


We also offer home from home dog boarding for your furry friend.  Each dog is treated as a member of the family and gets to join in with all the daily pack walks.

We only board a maximum of two dogs at a time so they get all the attention and care they deserve.  They will get the run of the house as well as access to the long secure garden.

We invite you to come and have look round before hand so you can see exactly where your dog will be staying and what they will be getting up to.  Photos and videos are provided throughout the stay, allowing to enjoy your holiday worry free!


We also offer trial nights, if you are away for a longer period of time.

PRICE: £28 for 24 hours


Our puppy daycare is a set four hour afternoon program, aimed at pups from 12 weeks or anytime after their last vaccinations.  This is the perfect time to start socialistion and awaken their senses to a whole array of new sights and smells. 

Pick up and drop off is included, along with a shorter countryside adventure of around 30 minutes.  We also have a dedicated pup sack should the little ones get tired and need a carry along the way.

These sessions allow a small group of puppies to mix and play together whilst having plenty of human interaction.  We also mix the pups with one or two older calm dogs, who teach the youngsters good habits and help build their confidence.  Introducing pups to a number of breeds and sizes, is highly valuable at this age.

We have had some amazing feedback from clients whose pups have now graduated into the older doggy daycare, saying their pup was so much more confident around other dogs after just a couple of sessions with us.

PRICE: £15 for 4 hours