Our puppy daycare is a set morning session running twice per week.  Pups can start anytime from 12 weeks or after they've had their last vaccinations.  This is the perfect time to start their socialisation with other pups and humans, and awaken their senses to many new sights and smells.

We pick the pups up from your home and transport them in our professionally crated van to our large secure rural paddock.  They have a countryside adventure of around 30 minutes and then go back to our house for more play time and socialisation with some of the older dogs.  We do enrichment activities as well as building on their basic training skills.

Pups get to sample our gourmet treat menu too, with venison sausages, beef jerky and chicken fillets on offer.  100% natural protein and no grain or fillers.

These puppy socialisation sessions allow a group of similair aged pups to mix and socialise in a safe and secure environment whilst building their confidence around other dogs and humans alike. The more interactions and experiences a pup has in its early stages, is key to a happy and sociable dog in later life.

Physical exercise is just as important as mental stimulation, and with us, your pup gets a varied mix of both.  We've yet to hear of a pup that isn't shattered after attending one of our sessions.

Pups can book in for a regular weekly slot where they get used to the same dogs each week, building bonds and forming friendships.

We will do a meet and greet before-hand to meet you and your pup and also answer any questions you may have.