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We specialise in dog daycare which includes a long countryside walk adventure.  Not just daycare and not just a walk, but BOTH! The dogs love the stimulation and socialisation that comes with exploring the local countryside with their furry friends and we love nothing more than ensuring your dog returns exercised and happy. 


We have a good range of local walking routes around Coventry and Warwickshire.  Each one is highly stimulating, with a mix of farmland, woodland and open meadows.  There are no busy roads, minimal distractions and only a few other walkers.  Each walk is at least an hour long social adventure.  For more information on our dog walking routes and other walk ideas, take a look here.

Your dog is collected from your home and transported safely to one of our carefully chosen walks where we have an hour of off-lead fun with our furry friends.  Dogs are returned home washed and dry, so you don't need to worry about muddy paws!

Come rain or shine, we are hound bound for a good walk.  Dogs benefit greatly not only from quality exercise, but from the stimulation and socialisation they get from our varied adventures.

All of the dogs we take on group walks are friendly and well-socialised and they have the freedom to play with others or just to roam and explore as they choose. And if your dog is a water-lover, we make sure that they have plenty of opportunities to bathe and play in safe locations, especially in the hotter months.