My name is Emma and I have forever been a lover of dogs.  I've always had a dog (or two) and a home just isn't a home without one.  I'm at my happiest when out walking with the hounds, covered in mud and videoing their every move.

I am completely fascinated with these amazing animals and continue to develop my knowledge on their history, nutrition, behavior, and body language to help me understand them further.

I've never found it easy leaving my two hounds, so I truly understand the worries and concerns people go through when having to leave their beloved dogs. And so I developed the idea of creating a small, professional but personal canine care service.  A service which isn't just doggy focused, but also human focused.  I want my clients to see just how much fun their dogs are having whilst they are away. I love all things social media, and I truly believe we are the leader of the pack when it comes to top quality content.  Many of my clients wait in anticipation every morning for the daily live vidoes, they can't wait to see what their pup is up to whilst on holiday or in the office.  

My small but perfectly formed team are highly passionate about animal welfare and their wellbeing.  We strongly believe in positive reward based training methods and put this into practice at all of our sessions.  Duncan is undergoing training with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) so we are always up to date with new practices.

I've have had the pleasure of looking after some amazing dogs and meeting some great people too.  We currently have a great network of regular clients which continues to grow. 


We are also totally thrilled and excited to be recognised as one of the three top dog walkers in Coventry this year.

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